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Find Who You Are Looking for with Skip Tracing

An experienced and knowledgeable licensed private investigator at locating:

  • Relative or Friend Gone Missing
  • Childhood Friend
  • Former Employees
  • Victims of Witnesses
  • Locating Fugitives
  • Relative Qualified for Inheritance
  • Client Location
  • Missing Persons
  • Runaway
  • Military Buddy

As private investigators, we have investigated a variety of cases but developed a niche in the world of skip tracing and missing person investigations. There isn't much that is more fulfilling than reconnecting family members or locating a person sought in a fraud or criminal investigation. We live to put the pieces together to find answers.

Locating people can sometimes be as simple as using a private investigator database and locating a current address, to being extremely difficult when it seems as though the person has vanished into thin air. Regardless of the challenge, the team at Brian Blackwell is prepared to help. We search and keep searching.

Whether you need to track someone down or know if he or she is committing fraud, you can count on the team at Brian Blackwell to provide unparalleled, confidential private investigation services.

Your investigation will be handled in a timely manner, professionally and discreetly.

We offer confidential investigation services that you can rely on, superior client relations, competitive rates, and outstanding work products. We guarantee our focus will be to obtain the results necessary for you to win your case. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Location & Address Verification

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